The Sassy Slut’s Guide #2; Birth Control; condoms

30 Aug

Yo Sluts! What a reception the first blog had! I’m pretty excited to be widely read so please, share it with your friends! Suggest material you wanna see. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to write your own guest column. I am open to sassy sluts of all kinds being involved with making this world a sluttier, happier place. I am currently working on a sassy slut manifesto, this shit is going to be off the hook. Anyway, to business. Let’s talk condoms, bebeh.

The trusty, regular, durex. This is my favourite regular use condom. It’s got a nicer texture than other brands, I find. Easy to apply, no added spermicide, and in NZ you may be able to get a script from yr GP for 12 boxes of 12 for $3

I’m not usually one for blind brand loyalty. This is just a really freaking fun condom. In my experience, it’s pretty accomodating for the larger gentlemen, which can come in handy. When I used this I totally felt it, unlike some other ‘pleasure’ condoms. Yeah, this is a good time. I’m willing to wager my experiences of it have likely been enhanced by being with quite… ‘thick’… phalluses, I’m sure it stretches it a bit tighter and therefore makes the ribbing/studding more intense.

Shield- 49mm. Trusty for the smaller sized phallus. Also nominated in this category by my darling housemate is the Gold Knight Narrow

And finally, the Shield XL. Trust me, there is nothing I love more than helping guys who fit XLs best realise that. I think a lot of attitudes towards sex and exposure to big-dick porn etc etc leave lots of people hesitant to use XL condoms when they REALLY should. If you are unsure if yr bigger than average, buy a single one of these and see if it slides on better. If regular size condoms often feel too tight around the base of yr dick, try these! It is my favourite thing in the world when I slide an XL onto somebody and they exclaim about how nice it is to have a rubber that fits. I did have a man come into the sex toy store I work at today and ask if we had anything bigger than this, but seeing as he also came in about 3 months ago and asked me on a date, I’m gonna take that with a grain of salt. Please e-mail me with yr thoughts/observations/condom preference if you are legit too big for this bad boy, tho.

Right, hobangers.

I think that’s a complete post, and it’s time for me to go look at smut on the internet now.


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